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Weekend Update July 30th Edition

The family went to the pool yesterday and I used the time to stay behind and write. I managed to get in about 1500 words on The Rising. I’d like to be able to do more today, but that may not happen. We have to keep cleaning up the house for the animal sitter coming later in the week. We’re off to spend the 4th of July week in Pocatello, ID for a baseball tournament.

I need to make a list of the errors found in the final proof of Starveyors and send it to my brother for fixing. Then we can finally get that paperback out in early July. After that, I can spend all of my writing time on The Rising.

I’m about to write a few chapters about a trial in the WIP. I have no direct experience with the legal system in my country. My number never seems to get picked. So I’ve been researching legal systems and procedures so that I don’t write something stupid. It slows down the word count, but it’s worth it to be accurate. Good thing this is SF and not a contemporary piece. I have some wiggle room there.

I’ve been reading Marcus Sakey’s first novel on my ereader. I love his gritty, street hip style. I try not to read within the genre that I’m currently writing a first draft. So my reading is all over the place right now. I just finished The Help and a short story by a local indie author – Jake Scholl’s Demon Stone.

It’s hard to find new and undiscovered authors. I found Jake’s story because he is one of the few people that have read and commented on my own fiction. If anyone has found a way to discover new Indie authors in all kinds of genre’s, please let me know. I’d love to read the next Hugh Howey out there before the whole world finds them.

I discovered a new band I had never heard of this morning on the Sunday Morning TV show – My Morning Jacket. Terrific band and I immediately downloaded their album. I might not have discovered them for years. The problem of Indie music and writing and art in general is that of discovery. I have no solution to this problem. It’s the number one reason my own books are never read by anyone who I don’t put a copy into their hands.

I don’t spend any time sending out to reviewers and I don’t annoy people on the internet with my books. I just write. Eventually I’ll be found again. I was found once before, when I had only one book. But because I had no other books, I was quickly forgotten again. Which I’m totally fine with. It gives me time to write, without having the pressure to write on a deadline. Because I do have a job and a family to occupy 90% of my waking time. If I were to suddenly get famous like Hugh Howey now, I doubt I would be able to write quick enough to sustain the interest in readers.

In a few years, I’ll have completed the first trilogy of the Star Saga. At that point I will start making an effort to become better known. Sending out books to reviewers and doing realistic marketing. Whatever that is. I do know that what I do then, will be completely different than what writers do now. Things change that quickly.

Have a great week!

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