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Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

Today’s tournament game was fantastic for my son, unfortunately the team lost in the end. But the players played strong and were in it until the very last inning, again. The coaches and the parents were very proud of our EB boys.

Smiling Jack in his home uniform for today’s game.

Here he is at his first at bat. He was walked. At his next at bat, I was not ready with the camera. He had two strikes and there was a kid on first base. The pitcher threw his best fast ball down the middle and Jack turned on it. Boom! Over the fence at center field. The fielder made a lunge for it but it was too far gone. He caught the fence instead and went down. But he was okay. Nice effort on his part. The two runs tied the game but the team was not able to hold them off in the bottom of the inning. So close. But it was definitely a Cracker Jack play.

Jack caught the whole game today and did so well, both coaches commented positively on his efforts. He got a large ice cream as a reward for a great game.

My baseball family.

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