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Take Me Out to the Game…


My son in his All Stars uniform and a smile. I absolutely love the classic look of this uniform and the colors are well matched. Today’s post is a picture essay on the games I watched yesterday.


Here’s Jack behind the plate catching in the first game of the day. It was a close game until the end. We lost, but the boys were in it both mentally and physically.


Here he is snagging a low pitch in the second game. He caught most of that game and eventually came out because he was taking a beating both from the pitches and from tagging runners out at the plate. He earned a break at the end.


Here he is at the plate when his looper to center-right started a catch-up scoring rally. He really has a great swing and he got all over that pitch. His second at bat he took a pitch to the head, part ear cover and part forehead. But he was back at it behind the plate, so the helmet took the brunt of that one.

How about that number? Tempted to call  him Jackie instead of Jack. ;-)


Here’s the team after the second game. The coaches told them they surprised them with their hitting and their overall play. They were in the game the whole way and only lost it in the last inning to some great hitting by the other team.

Speaking as a parent, I loved the game. As long as our kids are playing hard and having a good time, winning is really only icing. If you play hard long enough, you will eventually win big games. These kids are all excellent ball players with lots of potential. It should be a fun month of baseball.


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