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Weekend Update 16 June 2013

In an unusually rare moment for me, I actually got in several hours of writing time this weekend. I used the time not to work on word count, but to finish the outline for my WIP. I’m not sure how good the outline is, but I know it will change as I write so it doesn’t have to be spot on. Just close enough to keep me going once I start up again. Hopefully this week I can get the word count back on track and get this book moving again.

I don’t have any specific time based goals other than I’d like to get the ebook out this year. For that to happen I need to finish this draft by the end of summer. When you have a day job and a family it’s often difficult to judge how long a first draft will take you. But a month and a half for 2/3’s of a draft is a very short amount of time. So that will probably slip to September.

In other news, I saw the Man of Steel movie with my oldest on Sunday. It was good overall, although I feel it could have been about a half hour shorter if they cut out all the gratuitous building destroying. Also, I don’t recall Superman killing this much before. Perhaps my memory is going on comic book lore. But overall, I really enjoyed it.

Now we’re looking forward to the Lone Ranger movie and the Monsters University movie.

I’m coming down to the last third of The Help novel. Reading it primarily to understand the craft mechanics of the book, but finding that I’m enjoying the story along the way. Go figure. Anyway, very interesting how she writes from three points of view and then switched to omnipresent. Lots to learn here for newbie writers about craft on this book. I need to get it in paperback soon.

Continuing to watch my favorite TV shows on Netflix. I don’t have the time to binge watch, so I catch an episode when I can. This weekend I watched episode 3 of House of Cards and 4 of Longmire and I think 4 of Sherlock. All excellent. I’ve literally tuned out TV in the last half decade. Kids will do that to you. It’s interesting to me how the best dramas appear to be on cable or Netflix now. When will that make a shift to YouTube?

All for now. Big baseball tournament this week here in East Boise, so lots of my time not at work will be at the ball fields. That’s my  son above, at bat this weekend over in Meridian for the Dairy Days tournament.


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