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Weekend Update

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Saturday I helped coach up the kids on my son’s All Star team during a morning practice. I even got to shag some fly balls during batting practice. That afternoon I worked on the WIP outline a bit more and then spent some time updating the short stories I have on Kindle. This involved choosing new cover art and changing the titles a bit to make it more clear they are from the Star Saga. We should see the first four go live next week. Look for a sneak peek of the new covers in tomorrow’s post.

I’d like to remind both of my fans to check out these short stories if they have not read them already. I spent twelve short stories writing about Devon and her Rangers on Ocherva and a few Silicants too. If you enjoyed Starforgers, you’ll really like these Space Western shorts.

Today I’ve spent time reading The Help (as per Mr. Brook’s advice) and reading his book Story Physics. Later on I’ll bust into the WIP outline again. At this time I’m into the Part Three The Attack. If you read Brooks, you’ll understand what that means. Again, all writers should be reading Story Engineering and Story Physics by Larry Brooks. You can thank me below, anytime.

One last thing, I’ve started using the Dell lappy with my desk monitor and the setup is letting me close off the laptop lid and use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I really like this setup better than the second monitor of leaving the laptop up. It’s quieter because the computer’s fan is being taxed so hard and of course no overheating shutdowns. You can see the setup in the picture above. The keyboard and mouse were a combo kit from Gigaware. HDMI mini out adapter is by Rocketfish and HDMI cable is by Belkin. Inside the glass? Mug Root beer left over from our take out pizza last night from Mancino’s.

RIP SF author Ian M. Banks who died of cancer today. I haven’t read much of his Space Opera yet, but I hope to soon. Cancer took my father’s life at age 69.

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