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The Case for Kobo


If you are an Indy author, you really should have as much of your inventory on Kobo as you possibly can. I have all of my novels and one anthology on Kobo right now, with plans to bring my short stories over as soon as they clear the KDP Select program and get new covers.

Here’s why –

Kobo’s Writing Life program for Indy authors is easy to use and feature rich. If you can load your books onto Amazon you can certainly do so with ease using Kobo’s Writing Life.

As an Indy author I’ve also made all the links to the books on my website point to my local Indy bookstore (Yeah for Rediscoverd Books), so they get credit for the Kobo sales from people who loiter on my website. This helps your local Indy book seller and you, the Indy author. If you don’t have a local Indy bookstore, use the closest one to you. If anything it might get you into their store and talking to their staff.

Kobo is a Canadian company and they have lots of hooks in overseas markets. So you can’t lose anything by selling with them. Who knows, you could be real big in Japan and never know it.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to Kobo, they have some really cool ereaders these days. You can purchase the readers from your local Indy bookseller too. Or you could get the Kobo app for your Android or Apple device. You’ll need at least the app to verify that your formatting is good.

It is my contention that Indy authors should both support their local Indy bookstores and be a presence in as many online stores as possible. Making your inventory available on Kobo helps the little guy and adds to the available market place. If you only sell on Kindle, you are putting all your eggs in one basket and that could be trouble if they ever change the rules down the line. The same goes for all the online ebook sellers.

I still get the majority of my sales from Kindle, but in the last six months or so, both Kobo and Nook sales are increasing. Even in the incredibly low margins that I play in, I still benefit from having a diverse portfolio.



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  1. I have a short up on Kobo, though since I had Smashwords upload it to Kobo, I don’t have an account. I may upload my novel myself when I get to that step. Thanks for bringing this up.

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