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Thirty Percent Complete

My current Work In Progress (WIP), the first draft of Starforgers Book 2, The Rising, is now 30% complete. After a lengthy pause last month to get the paperback versions of the Star Saga published, I’m now moving back into full-on writing mode to finish this draft. Well, at least after this holiday weekend in which I will be pushing out new ebook versions of the Star Saga books with re-edited text and new covers. Eventually, some time in the next week or so all the ebooks with paperback novels will be linked together at Amazon and maybe some of the other vendors.

In other book related news, I sold my first paperback through Square, the credit card swiping little device that hooks onto your phone. It worked flawlessly and now I have a new way to sell my books that I have on-hand. This will be handy for various public appearances going forward.

I’ve been reading Let’s Get Visible by David Gaughran. David’s blog and his two books on Self-Publishing are some of the best most sane advice you will ever find about publishing on the web. If you don’t already have his first book, Let’s Get Digital and are not already reading his blog, do it now. I read many books about writing throughout the year to stay on top of my craft. But if you only read a few, I recommend these two by Gaughran.

The above image is from my cube at work. I don’t have room at home to display my starship models, so my co-workers get to suffer them. Yesterday I turned them both around to view the port side details for a while. That’s the GCU Sokol in the background and the SS Sokol in the foreground. Someday I’ll make proper display mounts for them with varnished wood and brass rods or something.

Am I the only one who wishes Commander Hadfield was still in orbit? I hope we begin to see more astronauts take up where he left off as far as inspiring the public. Welcome home Commander and thanks for inspiring us with your pics, videos and tweets!

My youngest son is saving his allowance for a Google Chromebook. The one that Samsung makes that only costs a few hundred dollars. He’s convinced that he needs it and is just counting the allowance until he can get one. I’ve been looking into how he can continue to learn Python with browser based IDE’s and all the cool Chrome apps that are now available. Chrome OS is getting better all the time and I can see a point where I would be tempted to replace my laptop with one. Since I usually get about five years or so out of a laptop, my next laptop could very well be a Chromebook.

The blogification of Starforgers, Book One of the Star Saga is now complete. You can now read the entire ebook on my blog. The experiment with selling the ebook for only .99 cents is coming to a close. Next week it will go back to the regular price of $4.99. So if you still want to get the ebook for a buck, do so this weekend.




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