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Star Saga in Paperback

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You can now order the paperback editions of the first two books available in the Star Saga. Of course these are the trilogy starters, Starforgers and Starstrikers, books 1 and 4 respectively. Next month we’ll release book 7, Starveyors.

These paperback editions all have colored Star Saga bands around the top of the covers. Amazon is selling used versions of the first Starstrikers paperback, but its drastically over priced and of inferior quality. Stick with the newest version for the best possible experience.

Starforgers is properly linked to the ebook, but Amazon has yet to link Starstrikers to its ebook version. I think the colored bands threw them off. The paper backs are high quality, Print On Demand books 5×8 inches in size. They both sell for $9.95 US.


You can read each book independently of the other as they are set 500 years apart and have different story lines and characters. Book 2 of the Starforgers Era will be out at the end of this year. Next year will see the release of Book 3, thereby completing the first era’s trilogy. Other books in the saga will follow thereafter.

This marks the first time that my SF books have been available as paperbacks and I’m very pleased to be able to offer them to you in this format. Many thanks to my brother Byron for his excellent interior and exterior design work on these books. If you need a great book designer, he’s available.

PS – If you are attending Norwescon this weekend, keep an eye out for me. I’ll have these books for show at my panels and I might even be giving some of them away.

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