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Free Novels are Free

I’m not sure that everyone knows this, but you can get all of my novels for free right here on the blog. Just select the series from the Novels tab and then click on whichever book you want. These are the same texts you pay money for in ebook format, except that these are in plain text format (.txt).

What, you don’t like to read a text file? Well, you can purchase them in any ebook format from three vendors, including directly from me. So, if you prefer the ebook format, you have that option. And you wind up supporting me when you buy the books, which is a good thing. It lets me continue to publish more books.

But not everyone is rich enough to purchase books. So they go off to pirate sites and steal them. By offering my own books for free, I essentially take the pirates out of the picture. If you want to read my books for free, then do it right here.

There are even some folks who would rather listen to my books. I don’t sell audio book versions of my novels. However, if you have the novel in plain text, you can feed it into a program and have your computer read it to you. If you have the time and are technical, you could even generate your own ebook from the text version. As long as you don’t sell it, I’m all for rolling your own.

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