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GCU Sokol Size

(Revised the scale from 1/350 to 1/500.)

I calculated the scale of my GCU Sokol model and came up with 1/500. So this beast is about 330 meters long and can house about 1,000 crew. It’s slightly larger than the 1701-A Enterprise and a bit more than half as long as the original Battlestar Galactica.

The huge windows kind of make it look like a cruise ship. So I’ll be changing them to the round port holes, the same size as the SS Sokol. Speaking of the SS Sokol, it’s about 180 meters long and also 1/500 scale. In SF terms, its a tad bigger than a Corellian corvette. That’s the ship seen fleeing a Star Destroyer at the start of Star Wars Episode IV.

The third version of the Sokol, the GA Sokol, will be the same scale and come in around 200 meters long. It will have fiber optic lights for the port holes but they will be the same diameter as the round port holes on the SS Sokol.

Here’s a chart that I found on the web and hastily added the Sokol too. (Click to make larger)


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