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Website Updates

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I’ve been tweaking the website side bars a bit this week. The first thing I did was change the purchase links to a fancy pop out deal. Eventually, I’ll have links to purchase each book from three different publishers – Kindle, Nook and Kobo. This is a free plugin (Buy This Book) for WordPress blogs, but you have to have your own hosted server to use it.

The next tweak I did was to add a link to the newsletter and put it above the fold. I’m trying to get folks who really like my books, to join the newsletter. This way they get advance notice of when I publish new books or shorts. I’ll be running a special starting next month for folks who sign up for the newsletter. Hint: it will be a new short story only available to subscribers. 

I’ve also been tweaking some pages to reflect the new book out this month and posting some images and text that better explain the series. I also updated the Coming Soon page to reflect what’s heading down the rails for 2013.

And finally, I updated the site with images of the cover for STARVEYORS, the new novel that comes out this month. Oh, I also shrank my mug shot in the side bar. I think I was scaring too many people off.


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