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Geany IDE and Python Programming

I’ve been helping my youngest son, Spencer, learn to program in Python by designing an RPG game. We’re following this guy on YouTube and will then branch off and add to his framework. Spen’s using my old netbook running the latest Ubuntu and he decided that he liked the Geany IDE the best. I checked it out and have to agree with him.

The screenshot shows our first class and a bit of test code to see if it works. The IDE will let you hit Run and open the program in a terminal to see the results. Very handy. Personally, I’d just use Scribes with an open terminal, but since he’s new to programming, I think it helps to have an IDE.

We set up our project on Dropbox so we can both access it from different computers. We have a Windows laptop that he also uses and yesterday I set up Python on that and wrote a quick batch script to run the current test class automatically. I think we are set for some fun times ahead.

2 thoughts on “Geany IDE and Python Programming”

  1. This early in the game, may I suggest you both try accessing the file at the same time, make a change or two, and saving? I seem to recall you having an issue with DB so doing this now would be a good way to introduce him to the problem and figure ways to handle it.
    Since I know you, I won’t bother suggesting making a copy of the file first.

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