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Screenshots of the Latest Plume Creator Build

Here is the latest Plume Creator pre-release screenshot. More attention is being given to the look and feel of the program, as well as a few new features.

The best new feature is of course shown at the top and bottom of the main editor. First, you now have the option to get rid of tabs and just show one scene at a time. There is a thin line at the top and bottom of a scene in the editor when that scene has a previous and next scene already in place. If you grab that thin line and pull it up or down, you get a sneak peek at the previous or next scene. This is something I’ve wanted as a writer for years and now I have it with Plume Creator.

The way I have the side menu boxes, Notes, Tools and Attendance and even the bar that houses their buttons are all configurable to the user. This allows for typical flexibility that programmers have with their development environments.

The newly revised Full Screen mode now has icons for menu selections. Icons have found their way into the main editor too, for a more polished look and feel.

Another new feature for this version of Plume Creator is the Styles menu item. This lets you apply a Normal and a Poetry style directly to your scene. Sometimes when you are writing an Epic Fantasy novel you like to quote a poem. That bit of text needs to be styled differently than the main text. Now you can just highlight the area of the poem and apply the Poetry style to it. The result is visible in the above screenshot. Styles are configurable from the Configure Menu item.

Above is the latest Outliner for Plume Creator. It works like a tree diagram inside a spreadsheet. You can open chapters and move them around and add or delete scenes with synopsis and notes. The Outliner is in heavy development and is getting better all the time. It’s also a separate window so you could have it up on a second monitor and refer to it as you write in the main editor.

As you can see, Plume Creator keeps getting better week by week and I’m even using it to write my next novel.

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