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Second Draft Time for Starveyors

iDrink Roland Peschetz via Compfight

The third and final book of the Star Trilogy, Starveyors is about to go into the Second Draft stage. I’m supposed to start it Saturday, but I might dive in a week early in an effort to get it through the grinder faster. Second drafts are where things get polished and typically for me, that means more words added, some scene shifts and technical details get corrected.

I’m giving myself a few weeks to do this. After that the manuscript is off to my Beta readers. When I compile their comments and adjust D2 to reflect that, it’s off to the editor in  mid-October. Still shooting for a late November release for the ebook. Also, I’ll be reissuing the first two ebooks with fresh new edits and layouts at the same time.

I’m also planning on making a three-in-one book featuring extras that will include some art and a few short stories. Not sure what the pricing will be on this omnibus edition, but I doubt it will be up in  time for Christmas.

In the Spring of next year, I’ll hopefully have some paperback versions of all three novels. I’d like to see them on my shelf together. The cover art might make more sense to readers when they see them all together. There is a method to my madness regarding cover design.


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