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Thus It Begins

I’ve begun the long, slow process of writing my next novel.  That process starts with a story concept, a plot and of course, compelling characters. This time around, I’m using a new program called Plume Creator that is being built on Linux specifically for writers who use Linux. How cool is that?


Anyway, thought I’d share some screen shots of the program in use by myself to write The Rising. Below is the Attendance Manager from Plume. This part of the program lets you enter your characters, some objects and locations or places that will be featured in your novel. Later, when you are writing individual scenes, you can place all of these things in each scene as a form of meta data about your scene. This makes keeping track of things easier. As far as I know, Plume Creator is the only writing creation program to have this feature.

Here is where I do my research and development of the characters and plot.

I can’t really show you what it looks like to write in Plume Creator at this time, because I have not started production of this novel. Rest assured, I will show you some screen shots as I get further into it.

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  1. About a month ago my Mac died and I replaced it with a Linux laptop. Scrivener is not really supported on Linux and so I went searching for a program that was built on Linux. Plume Creator is being written on Linux and I’m helping the programmer make it better by testing it and offering suggestions. You can’t beat that!

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