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Five Thousand Words to Go

DragonCon Anna Fischer via Compfight

I’ve got about 5K words to write to get to the end of Starveyors. I’d like to finish it here in Middle Tennessee and come home with a completed first draft. That may or may not happen. I got through my outline and realized I was about ten thousand words short of the ideal length for the novel. But somehow I must have realized I would be short and buried in my prose were pointers for where I needed to take the story to create the ending that would do it justice.

I love when that happens. You realize in the end that your outline was insufficient but low and behold, you already have the plot threads and character definitions needed to create a viable new ending. The ending is not terribly different than what I had planned. I’m not veering wide into something completely bizarre and new. Just tying known plot threads and wrapping up the story in what I hope will be a more interesting fashion.

There will be more explosions and fighting before the final sentence. Oh, yeah!

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