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Laptop Decision

I’m going forward with purchasing the Dell XPS 13. My Macbook is dying and I leave for vacation next week. I plan on loading the special version of Ubuntu that the Dell project Sputnik has created. My reasoning for this is that they have worked closely with Ubuntu and the hardware manufacturers to guarantee that Linux works with every component of this laptop.

There might be better ultrabook laptops on the market, but none of their OEMs are actively supporting Linux in any meaningful way. I’d have to settle for less than usable components if I put Linux on one of them. I prefer to have my Linux ultrabook actually work with Linux. There are OEMs that make Linux specific laptops, but none of them make a thin, light weight and powerful laptop that doesn’t look like a brick. The XPS is many things, but ugly is not one of them.

This will be my first Dell computer. I’m already dreading the looks I’ll get on the HP campus but you know, HP is not supporting Linux on their ultrabooks. If they were, I’d be getting an Spectre XT laptop. I think it’s important to support venders that support Open Source and in particular, Linux. Without putting my money where my mouth is I can’t really call myself an advocate of Open Source. Right now, Dell is being a responsible vendor, so they get my money and my support.


Maybe in a few years time when this new XPS 13 is ready to be replaced, more vendors will be supporting Linux and I’ll try another vendor’s laptop. But until then, I’m getting a Dell. I’ll be documenting my adventures with this laptop here on the blog. So if you find yourself curious about how my experience goes, do come back and find out.

(I work for a contractor at HP Boise. I do not work for HP.)

3 thoughts on “Laptop Decision”

  1. I look forward to following this “thread” on using the Dell XPS 13. While I’ve not owned any functioning Dells, I have helped people with problems on them. :-/ Of course, all were Windows OS. Like you, I’m leaning towards some flavor of Linux for my writing and ham radio oriented machine. That Dell looks lightweight and easily portable so I’ll be keeping an open mind. Especially if it doesn’t have all the problems I’ve encountered with other people’s Dells.

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