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Coming Down the Stretch

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My novel in progress – Starveyors, had just passed 50K words which in layman’s terms means writing the book has come around the final turn and is heading down the stretch to the finish line. Important scenes and chapters are being written that will include the second turning point and the big finale.

Characters are being tested and if they pass, will become better people or they will die, whichever is appropriate. Tensions and suspense are high and not coincidentally so is the danger. Things are exploding, literally and figuratively speaking.

This is a critical time for a writer. It’s not easy keeping all the subplots spinning as the entire story comes to a conclusion. I never get it right the first crack, which is what the second draft is for. After my Alpha reader tells me how messed up the story is, I go back in and clean things up and add all the parts that I skimmed over or left out in the first draft. The second draft is where the story fleshes out for me. Where the main characters come alive and their struggles become something the reader will care about. But for right now, all that maters is that I finish.

So if I’m less active on the blog in the next few weeks, it’s not because I don’t like you. It is because I’m all about finishing the damn novel. I’m not just finishing a novel with this book, I’m finishing a trilogy, so things are just a tad more complicated and I need to concentrate so I don’t miss anything. I know you’ll understand.

P.S. You can follow my word count progress in the side bar. I don’t clog the internet with daily word count brags. 

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