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Welcome Fellow Scrivener Users

Nathan Makan via Compfight

Scrivener mentioned my blog posts about their software on Twitter yesterday and I got a ton of visitors. Thank you Scrivener for the mention! If you are new around here as a result of that, welcome to my humble little blog.

This blog has many fine articles on writing and using programs like Scrivener, so if you enjoy that kind of thing, I hope you’ll come back on a regular basis. I also talk about my kid’s sports a bit depending on the season. Sometimes I also blog about Open Source programs and my habitual use of Linux. Those posts can get kind of nerdy. I use a MacBook that runs Ubuntu and Mac OS, so I swing both ways. I’m chained to Windows at my day job, so I use it all.

Mostly I post about some aspect of writing as it relates to my own fiction. I try and post about three times a week. Usually they are more interesting and useful than this particular welcome mat.


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