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Silicant Technology

I was searching images of fractals on a lark one afternoon, and came across the art of Krzysztof Marczak on This polish artist has used a Mandelbrot rendering program to make some amazing 3D images.

You’ll have to click on them to make them bigger so you can appreciate the intricate details. This is exactly how I am picturing the Silicant ships and technology in Starveyors. Not at all Borg looking in squares, but just the level of detail that is obviously nano-tech looking. In my story, the Silicants use nano-bots to build all of their tech. These renderings look eerily like what I imagined for the Silicant technology.

This cube is amazingly detailed and even closer to what I imagined than I even realized.

Krzysztof even does landscapes with his Mandelbrot paintings. This is how I picture the XiniX home world to look. Machine designed landscapes across the interior of a Dyson Sphere. The landscape is alive, moving and aware.

Some kind of alien moon or simply another area of the Sphere. I absolutely love it. These are just some of the completely fascinating things you can find when you surf around the internet.

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