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CopperWire’s Earthbound Space Opera Album

As lyrics from the song Mahalia Einstein suggest, “If I can just get you to step out of your comfort zone, we would be closer, closer,” you might find this hip-hop/jazz album to be quite entertaining and at times, very poignant if you just give it a try. I was alerted to this new album from CopperWire by following SF author Nnedi Okorafor on Twitter. She helped write some of the back story of the artists who have themed their new album after a space opera.

The Sci-Fi elements in this album are front and center, but they are rooted in some very melodic and beautiful music that I really enjoy. My musical tastes tend to lean more to jazz than hip-hop, but this blend hits all the right notes with me. My only beef with this album is that it’s too short. More please!

Sometimes music puts me into a writing mood and this is one album I reach for when I need to get inspired to write. Thoughtful lyrics throughout that convey universal messages and make you ponder the universe as you chill to the music. I can’t say enough how much I really enjoy the songs on this album, they are fresh, intelligent and fun. I especially love the haunting and melodic voice of Meklit Hadero. Every time she sings my ears perk up and listen closer.

Do yourself a favor and get Earthbound from CopperWire. You won’t regret it and you might just discover a new favorite band.

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