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Mixed Bag

String is king
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Book Sales Numbers

My April sales numbers are not in yet, being this is the last day of the month. But I thought I’d ball-park the numbers for you so you can see the difference from last month. Reason being, last month my novels were selling for $6.99 and this month they are back to $2.99. April’s numbers were comparable to March’s total number sold. Both months I sold around 35 books. Of course I made much more when the books had a higher price tag, but in the end, both months were pretty even in total books sold.

Not much can be made about those numbers. I expect that in May the sales numbers will rise a bit, especially since it will be the second straight month in which they were priced the same. There’s something to be said about consistency. So I won’t be tinkering anymore for the rest of the year. I’m sticking with the $2.99 price point until I can demonstrate consistently higher sales per month.

The New Ubuntu

I have a six year old MacBook that can’t be upgraded to Lion. So I reformatted it a month ago to dual boot Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu upgraded in April and I let the installed version update itself. On that particular laptop, it was a huge improvement. Everything works better, including the twitchy touch pad drivers.

I downloaded the latest Linux Beta of Scrivener and called up my novel in it. That was Friday and I’ve not booted into the Mac side since. The Windows version of Scrivener is less feature rich than the Mac, but it works. It does the things I use Scrivener for and so far without error. As soon as they allow me to buy a Linux version, I will enthusiastically make that purchase. Until then, I get to re-install the beta every couple of months and hopefully get an even better version.

The new Ubuntu is really sweet. The best feature for me is making the Unity bar smaller so it takes up less screen space. Love that. It makes the OS look like its own unique desktop. I also updated the HP Mini laptop to 12.04 LTS and it’s doing well with it too. Double win.

So now we are back to two Linux laptops and a Windows laptop for the family.

My Next Laptop

When the old MacBook finally dies, and I have to replace it, I will most likely go with the new HP Folio 13. It has all the features I need, and with this latest version of Ubuntu, should work fine with all my applications.

Big Toe Woes

I was plate umpire for my oldest’s baseball team on Sunday. It was a good game, low static toward the umpires. Unfortunately, I took a fast ball to my left big toe. It still hurts today. My first umpire injury in two years. Small price to pay for watching the kids play the best game in the world.


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