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Ebook Pricing Normalized

The future of books
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My month long vacation in the stratosphere of ebook pricing is over. All of my novels are now $2.99 with the exception of the Mystery novel written under my pen name of Johnny Batch. That one is going to remain at .99 cents for a month or two in order to gain traction.

March’s price increase resulted in two of my SF books selling for $6.99 and one for $2.99. Oddly enough, they all sold about the same amount, plus or minus 5%. Combined sales were less than forty. So a considerable drop in numbers from February. Frankly, as a new author, I’d rather have more sales than higher profits per sale.

My second experiment, the one in which I tried out Amazon’s Kindle Select program, will end in late April for all of my novels. I will be keeping the individual short stories in the program and continue to run two-day sales every Friday and Saturday. I have enough shorts to keep them in good rotation every couple of months. Letting them be free does generate some interest in my novels. Plus, it’s a great way to check me out as a writer without spending a dime.

In late April or early May, all of my SF novels will be back in the Nook Store and they will be $2.99 just like in the Kindle Store. Even though sales are substantially lower on the Nook, I value the Nook audience enough to make sure my novels are always available to them. If you want to try my shorts on the Nook, I recommend the anthology – Tales From Ocherva, Volume One.



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