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Wind in My Sails Again

come sail away
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: darwin Bell via Compfight

I’ve made my way out of the mid-novel doldrums and my sails are filling out. I’m still only at 46% complete, but I’ve moved out of the funk I was in with the story. Turns out all I needed to do was up the ante by killing someone!

I needed a death to stir up my emotions and get excited about writing the story again. Now things are starting to look bad for the good guys and the bad guys. Stuff’s happening, people are angry, scared and surprisingly, at least one doesn’t really care what happens. I know that’s all very cryptic. Sorry about that.

I’m just happy to be cranking out the words again and thinking creatively about the story. It helped doing the mid-course correction to the outline and it helped to unexpectedly kill off a character. Not a major one, but it ratchets up the tension so that the reader now begins to wonder if there will be more deaths or not.

My writing time allotted for this novel is at an all-time low. I average about four hours a week. I have no idea about my word count. Probably less than a thousand words per hour spent writing. I really need to increase the butt in chair time, but life is not letting me have any more time right now. Baseball coaching and umpiring is about to kick off in high gear and next week I’ll be in Seattle for Norwescon. So while I’ll be away from family, I’ll be otherwise occupied.

Interestingly enough, when times are tough, I usually write more. Someday I’ll have to examine that more closely. In the mean time, I’m under way and ready to start trimming the sails to take advantage of the burst of fresh air.

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