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Thoughts on a Novel’s Theme

Photo Credit: buddawiggi via Compfight

Starveyors is the first novel I’ve written where pretty much every main character will have some kind of personal reconciliation, which is the overall theme of the novel. Each character’s individual arc will reflect that theme and so will the overall plot of the book. This is no easy task. It means I have to become very familiar with each character and keep his or her personal reconciliation in line with the main plot.

To be sure, good writers do this all the time in their novels. Usually they focus on just the main character whose arc follows the theme of the novel. But I’m taking it a step further with this one as a personal growth moment in my writing career. Those characters who are unable to reconcile will die. Those who are able to change will change in some small way.

At this point, mid-way through the first draft, I don’t know how this is working. When I come back at this in the second draft, I’ll be looking for these things, among others. Until then, it’s in the back of my mind as I write each scene.



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