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Potato Bowl Kid Memories

Our Cub Scout Pack was selected to participate in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Opening Ceremony this year. My sons and I both jumped at the chance to be in the formation of Scouts seen at the singing of the National Anthem. It was a fun opportunity to walk on the Blue Turf of BSU’s home stadium and get to see the game for free.

We practiced last Sunday afternoon along with all the other volunteers who participated in the on-field festivities. It was cold, but the kids had fun and were looking forward to actually doing it for a live crowd. When game day arrived, the kids got to shine in front of 28,000+ football fans. There we were in the first and second rows representing the Cub Scouts of Idaho and all dressed up in our uniforms. Such an honor.

When the flight of  two Air Guard A-10’s buzzed the stadium, they flew right over our heads. Way cool for any kid in the stadium and most of the adults too! After the anthem we walked single file over to the south end zone to form a tunnel for the players to run through. The kids were really impressed with how big the players all were. Some of the Cub Scouts played Optimist football and they couldn’t believe that they would ever be that huge one day.

We filed off the field and took our seats in the south end zone and were treated to a great game that eventually led to a come from behind victory for the Ohio Bobcats. During the halftime break, our scouts got to high five the Bobcats as they filed off the field and headed to their locker room. It was very nice of the players to do that for the local kids. They will remember things like that for the rest of their lives.

My kids and I had to leave in the third quarter of the game due to the cold. We went out to diner and kept checking the for the final score of the game on my cell phone. When the kids found out that the Bobcats had won, my oldest proclaimed, “I’m never washing my gloves again! We high five’d all those Ohio players!”

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