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HP Folio 13


I got a sneak peek of this new HP laptop last week here on the Boise campus of HP. I fell in love with it instantly. It’s clean, conservative, small and business-like. This is just the way I like a laptop to be. Sure it’s not as dazzling as a MacBook Air or even its big cousin the Envy, but the Folio is my kind of writing machine. Lean and light and ready to be loaded with Ubuntu.

The price is right too, starting at $900 for the base model. Which is usually what I get, as my needs are simple. Looks like it goes on sell on Pearl Harbor Day. It would sure be nice to start a new novel on a new lappy. We’ll just have to see what Santa brings this year.


4 thoughts on “HP Folio 13”

  1. hi, i’ve just baught the same laptop and try to put ubuntu 11.10 on it dual boot.
    Everythings seems fine execept the screen resolution which remain à 1024×768 i did not manage to set it at 1366×768. Maybe it is due to the fact that i had to put nomodeset a startup option in order not to have a blacksreen after booting.
    Did you manage to get 1366×768 ?

  2. I agree. That’s why I’m putting Ubuntu on it. If I can just find a way to boot it into the loader so I never have to see Windows. That would be awesome.

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