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Starforgers Update

The ebook edition of Starforgers is nearing completion. I’m actually preparing to relaunch Starstrikers at the same time, so things are dragging on a bit more than usual. This is because both books are part one and two respectively, in a trilogy. We needed to retouch the cover of Starstrikers and so as long as my fingers were in the pie, I thought it best to tweak the Second Edition enough to call it the Third Edition. No major Lucas-like CG was added, so unless you are particularly obsessive about my fiction, no need to run out and buy Starstrikers again, if you already have it. Of course my wallet would appreciate that, even if yours won’t.

The pricing model for all my novel length ebooks is going up in November. All three books will be priced at $4.99 instead of $2.99. The price of the anthology will remain at $2.99 and the short stories will also remain at $.99 cents. Pricing reflects my current thoughts on the perceived value of a digital book and a continuing pursuit of finding what works and what does not. I don’t anticipate another price change until this time next year, at the release of Starveyors, the final book in the Star Trilogy.

The target release date for both Star Trilogy books is the second week of November. You will be able to purchase both of them on Nook, Kindle and Smashwords. You may be wondering why I don’t offer them in other electronic book stores and I will tell you it all comes down to sales. The percentage of sales on books already offered on other platforms is so close to nothing as to not even bother messing with. If and when sales start to rocket to a respectable level on Nook and Kindle, I will be able to justify the time and effort to add my books to other markets. Until then, you’re just out of luck.

The best way to ensure that my books make it onto Kobo or iBooks is to spread the word to all your friends who have Nooks and Kindles to purchase my SF ebooks.

What about paperback versions? Yes, I knew someone would bring that up. There are plans for paperback versions of both trilogy books. But it looks like you may have to wait until 2012. Suffice it to say, they are in the works and will be coming out next year. Hopefully when we launch Starveyors next November, it will ship in ebook and paperback at the same time.

Part of the reason we are waiting is to ensure that all three paperbacks have the same level of quality execution, and the cover art and design matches on all three of them. I want them to look like a matched set on your book shelf.

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