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Head Down Mode

I’m still here. I’m just not blogging much this week. I’m working on the edits for my latest novel and really don’t have time to think about blog posts. But I wanted to ramble a bit so you won’t think I’ve been slacking.

I’m about halfway through the edits for Starforgers. In my haste to copy and past the chapters into Scrivener, I missed an entire chapter. Turns out is was an important one too. So now I have located it and will spend my lunch hour renaming chapters.

I’m loving the changes and suggestions from my editor, as always and so far have not deviated from her advice much at all. I’m happy to see that she has picked up on some of the things I was trying to do in this novel. Makes me think I might be doing some things right after all.

Anyway, back to work. I should be through these edits in the next week and then I’ll print it out and start making copy proofs. It’s getting closer and closer to done. I can’t wait to get the ebook out there so folks can enjoy this one. I know that I had more fun writing it than any other novel I’ve written.

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