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Welcome Fans of Tobias Buckell

I’m assuming all three hundred of you are aspiring SF writers or general publishing wonks. Nobody has done more to mentor his fellow writers than Tobias and I’m grateful to him for giving back so generously. I wrote that post about my Indie writer numbers months ago and like a message in a bottle, it bobbed on the tide of the internet for many months before being found by its intended audience – my fellow not quite discovered SF writers. So I’m thankful again to Tobias for enabling the message to get plucked from the sea and deliver it for me. I hope you all found it interesting and useful.

Not much has changed in the months since I posted that article. My numbers average about 30 sales per month and that’s including all my stories for sale on the Kindle. My Nook sales are less than ten a month, but I don’t yet have all my inventory moved over to that platform. I have one title in the iBookstore and it has yet to sell a single copy, so I can’t recommend anyone use that unless they already are doing well on Kindle and Nook. The other outlet not mentioned in the article was Smashwords. I have sold around 30 books total in three years on Smashwords.

So there you are, an update of sorts and a big thank you for stopping by. I have a new SF novel due out in October called Starforgers. It’s the first book of a trilogy and is set in the same universe as Starstrikers. This will be my third SF novel and my fourth novel written. It’s also the most commercial book I’ve written to date. If you like Space Opera, you’ll love Starforgers.



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