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New Car Search

If my wife gets a job here next month, we will be in the market for a new car. Right now I’m driving a 20 year old Honda Accord 2 door. The kids have outgrown it and I’ve started putting more money into it than it’s worth.

I’ve been looking at mid-size sedans in the $15-23K price range. I have a particular fondness for the Honda brand as witnessed by the fact that I am still driving one after 20 years. But I’m willing to give any and all makes a chance. The top contenders right now are the Civic, Elantra, Focus and Cruze. So far all I have done is build them on-line and stared at all the trim packages for each car.

I like the tech in the Cruze and Focus, but I like the grown-up interior of the Civic. I just don’t need the macho styling of the Focus. Aesthetically, I don’t care for the organic lines of the Elantra interior. I’m more concerned with how these cars look and act inside them then outside of them. I want creature comforts, like MP3 player access, Bluetooth phone control and a nice stereo system. I do not want XM radio, but I could use the navigation package.

I’ve been fond of the Accord’s sunroof and would love to have that option again. Leather seats would be nice, as the kids are getting older and are in my car far less than their mother’s. I’m sure my needs and wants will change again when I actually do some test driving.

3 thoughts on “New Car Search”

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  2. @Mom The recall was in May and the affected cars have been fixed by dealers. No worries there. The other test I must put any new car through is the RFI test. Take my hand held VHF Ham radio with me and test the car for spurious RF signals on the local repeaters. Won’t the dealers think I’m a nerd for doing that? LOL

  3. Hi Ken, You might want to check the re-call on the Civic, I can’t remember what it was but it was re-called about a month ago!!!!! I love the Cruz:):) Byron likes the Ford:)


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