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Beta Readers Are Awesome

Starting to get feedback from my Beta Readers on Starforgers. Going to be plenty of work to do on that manuscript next month. So this month, I play. Well, not all play. I’ve been working out the world building for Starveyers and even writing a bit on that book. But what I need to do is start outlining it. I’ve also been painting the Sokol model.

So far folks are really liking Starforgers‘ story, which is a big relief for me because it was damn complicated to write. It’s typically grandiose Space Opera, but far more intense than I’ve ever attempted before. I think genre fans are going to really like it and they are my primary audience. But there is plenty of work to do on the main character and of course inconsistencies are present like annoying mosquitoes.

But the thing I’ve been doing the most this week is playing around in Google+. Amazing how it has taken off so quickly. I’d like to give a shout out to all those visiting this blog from Google+ – Hello and welcome! I mess around on  Twitter and G+ but when I really want to make some content, I do it here. So please add me to your feed and come back frequently.

The weather has cooled here in Boise, so I am now obligated to mow the grass. Life in the burbs.


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