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To Finish a Series

As I wind up the first draft of Starforgers, I’m already planning the third book in this Star Series:  Starveyers. In the requisite down time after a first draft, I will be working on the outline of Starveyers.  The plan is to be able to start writing it this fall. I have to do a second draft of Starforgers, then let my Beta Readers chew on it. After their suggestions are dealt  with, I pass it on to my editor. This whole process can take several months. Hopefully by September, we can get Starforgers out the door as an ebook.

By the time that happens, I will be well into the mix on the first draft of Starveyers. If all goes as planned, you will see the release of Starveyers next fall. At that point, I’ll have a completed series and will be able to cross promote them all and bound them into a special three for one priced ebook. The Star Series: Starforgers, Starstrikers and Starveyers will be complete.

Then its on to more Planetary Series novels, short stories and perhaps a novella, here and there. I expect by 2012/13 time frame, I will begin to start getting a larger reading audience. It will be easier to get your head around my universe, when you can read the entire Star Series. Right now, I think people just get confused. Well, when I say people, I’m referring to that one person that I don’t personally know, who has purchased all of my SF novels and read them.




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