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Camping Weekend

Took the boys and went up to Grimes Creek this weekend with good friend Sully and his boy. We tent camped along the river from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. The boys had fun climbing up the side of a mountain, shooting BB-guns and fishing, while Sully and I just relaxed, drowned some worms and kept the fire going.

The weather was rainy Saturday afternoon, but not horribly cold. Got in a little bit of reading on the Kindle, but mostly just fished and relaxed. Idaho is an amazing place to live if you like the great out doors. In just 45 minutes, we were up around 4,500 feet in the mountains. Lots of pine trees and a fast running river with Rainbow trout that only bit once. Someone caught a 12 inch one and we cooked it up in butter and garlic. Not a bad snack.

The kids found a small snake and of course killed it with their BB guns. That led to a lesson on killing things for no reason. But other than the fish, the snake and a few hawks, we didn’t see any other wildlife. Although we were remote, we were also surrounded by lots of RV campers with four wheelers. So nature was wise to stay away.

I’m convinced that fish hooks are miss-named. They should be called branch hooks, because that’s all we’ve ever caught with them. But as they say, the point of fishing is not to catch fish. It’s to relax in the outdoors, and we did plenty of that this weekend.



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