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Revenge, is a Dish Best Served Cold

It is very cold in space. Revenge has not been played out in Sci-Fi on the big screen any better than in The Wrath of Khan. It is a very real theme in my latest novel, Starforgers. My heroin loses many people she cares about to an enemy that literally comes out of nowhere. Her anger and thirst for revenge rises as the pages turn until the end, when she is forced to face the man responsible for killing her friends.

When a main character is confronted with taking retribution out on another character, you have the basis for high drama. Will she take the high road and seek only justice or is the only justice good enough, an eye for an eye? Will she kill the man alone, or go on a murderous rampage until she gets her fill of death? In the case of my heroin, you will just have to wait and read it when it comes out.

I can say that this story is more than just an exciting yarn. As in most of my novels, there is a subtext and a deeper meaning just under the sugar coating of laser guns and space ships. Part of what draws me to this kind of story telling is how important the human drama is under all the sci-fi dressings. Real people struggling with their passions and desires just like anyone else in life, only in Space Opera, the stage is bigger and the set pieces are so damn fun to play with.



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