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A Baseball Pictorial

My youngest son, Spencer is becoming quite the photographer. He’s only eight years old but he’s already got the “eye” for taking engaging pictures. I’ve been taking pictures since I was his age and I don’t have a talent for it. But I do know when someone else has that talent. He must get it from his mother, she’s a natural too.

Here are some pictures of his big brother’s baseball team. Enjoy this baseball pictorial.


Tracking a Pop Fly

I like the odd framing of this photo. Sometimes, knowing the Rule of Thirds, makes all the difference.


Bulldogs in the Dugout

Nothing special about this one, except for the kid in the middle being the photographer’s older brother.

Jack in dugout

Jack McConnell - Catcher

I love the profile and the action blur of this shot. Jack is getting his glove and preparing to take to the field.


Strike Out

This picture is his best to date. I love the color, composition and the pained expression on the batter’s face.


The Blue Crew

I had to sneak in a picture of myself as the Plate Umpire, affectionately called Blue by the score keepers and coaches. I try to wear my Cub blue jacket to look the part.

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