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Modeling and Writing

Those of you who follow this humble blog may recall that I have built a plastic model of a starship that is featured in my current WIP – Starforgers. It is the S. S. Sokol and you can read about it’s construction, here. Well it would appear that taking the time to make that model, has affected my story telling. By rendering the ship in 3D, I was able to visualize the whole ship and see the interconnectedness of it. That intimate knowledge of the design, has allowed me to write a scene that takes advantage of certain aspects of the ship.

Side by side in imaginary formation

S. S. Sokol behind a Votainion Interceptor

Now I can’t really discuss this in much detail as that would spoil your enjoyment of the novel. But rest assure that it will be awesome. How’s that for a tease?

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