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Universe Building

Writers in many genres often talk about world building or creating a believable setting for your novel, be it a Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Paranormal. But the issue I face in writing Space Opera SF is in having to create a whole universe. Or maybe just one galaxy, in my case.

Not only do I need to create a whole fictional galaxy, I need to work out thousands of years of pre-history because of the time period in which I am writing. I pulled a Lucas and started in the middle, so I have to work out the future of my galaxy too. Which mean a whole lot of thought must go into every time period so that they all mesh together seamlessly. That’s a tall order for any writer to carry out.

Here I am, more than half way through the prequel to Starstrikers and I find out that I totally botched the history and left out a major bit of world building that I had originally came up with and then forgot, once I started writing. The upshot of this is that I have to stop writing and go back and mess with the back story until I get it right. Otherwise, things will just get too complicated to fix in later books or short stories.

I’m sorry I can’t give details, as that would ruin the story for anyone reading this. But trust me, you will be glad that I stopped and worked out some stuff before continuing.

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