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Baseball Update

East Boise League AAA Fresno State – The Bulldogs took on the Oregon Ducks in a late morning game on Field 4. The Ducks had just come off a terrible loss the night before and were playing lethargically. The Bulldogs were coming off of a night’s rest and a fantastic batting practice; they played strong and started smacking the ball around right off the bat. The Ducks rallied in the later innings but it was not enough to get by the Bulldog’s closer – Parker, who also had an inside the park home run. But the play of the day belonged to the Bulldogs catcher, Lucas. In a pickle with a runner down the third base line, he chose to out run the base runner and laid on the tag. Bulldogs(3-2) 12, Ducks 7.


Spencer McConnell - Catching for the Beavers

East Boise League Rookie team Oregon State – In a marque game on Field F, the Beavers faced their league nemesis the Fresno State Bulldogs in an epic game of good hitting and great fielding. The game even drew a small crowd at the center field fence that included the League President. The Beavers bats were on fire as the result of a prior night’s batting practice. At least two hitters managed to get the ball to the outfield fence. One player even skipped it out of the park for a ground rule double. The Beaver defense played tough with a line drive catch at third and at least one pop up catch at first. The Bulldogs bats were not silent and they all hit good enough to get on base most of the time. Great fielding and a heads up double play at first base was typical of the this tough Bulldog team. There is no score kept for Rookie League games.


The Bulldog Bench, Bode Campos Batting



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