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Baseball Memories

I recently found the team pictures from my life in Little League. Since this is Spring and baseball is on my mind as I begin coaching my kids in the game, I thought it would be fun to show you what I looked like as a kid playing baseball. My first three years were in central Indiana. The last year I played youth ball was in central Florida. (If you click on the pictures, you will go to my Flickr page and can see which of these kids is me.


This is my first team, the Mets. I guess I was around 8 years old.


This was my second team, the Expos. I don’t remember the kids names or the coaches names. I don’t even remember winning or losing. But just playing the game for several years was all it took to develop a love of it.


The Cardinals was the only team I was ever on where I won a trophy. Today, both of my kids have a trophy for every year they played the game. This year we stepped up our uniforms to include white jeans. LOL


The Pirates were the last team I was on as a young teenager. I didn’t go on to play in Junior High or High School. This was also the only team I played on that had a real baseball uniform. That was cool. Now days, my kids had real uniforms from the first year they started playing. I’m guessing that I am around 12 or 13 in this picture.

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  1. Oh!!!!!!! Those were the DAYS:):) Didn’t your mother think to put your age on the back of the pictures? Shame on me:):)

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