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Gifting an Ebook on Amazon

Yesterday during my Amazon Rush for Tyrmia, many people gifted the book to their friends. I was getting all kinds of reports from well meaning folks saying that they were spreading the love and gifting to all their friends. Well, the sales numbers did not reflect all that action at the end of the day. The reason is because Amazon does not record the sale of a gifted ebook until the person who received the gift, logs into Amazon and “Accepts” the gift. If they don’t have an account, they must create one.

So if you gifted a book for me yesterday, you need to encourage your friends to go to Amazon and accept their gifts. Otherwise, you won’t get charged and I won’t get the credit for a sale. If everyone who received a gift yesterday accepts that gift today, we could see a healthy Part Two in sales.

Please accept your Tyrmia gifts and make my day again!



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