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Of Pirates and Androids

My current novel in progress, Starforgers, is proving to be the most fun I’ve ever had writing a first draft. This book has everything from Stellar Rangers to insane android pirate captains. In between we have the formation of the first deep space starforce, the political intrigue that changed a Federation into an Alliance and undercover androids working to achieve parity with humans when it comes to sentient rights. Oh yeah, and the origins of a galactic war that will rage for a thousand years.

Even the boring parts are turning into fun, action oriented bits that reveal a complex and interesting universe. I’ve been writing at least three times a week on my lunch hour and then again for a few hours on the weekend. So I hope I can get the second half of the four hundred page novel done in the next few months. Otherwise, baseball commitments with my kids will take a bigger chunk of my time and slow down my production.


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