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Google Mindshare

If you Google “Tyrmia“, my book comes up for all the links on the first page. Eight of ten are different base URLs. Which means I have a broad reach with that book title. All ten links are related to my book. That’s pretty good. It means that if you can spell Tyrmia correctly, you will find my book.

What about “Starstrikers“, my first book. Very similar. The title is unique, to be sure, but all the links are related to me or the book. The same goes for my author name – Ken McConnell. I virtually own that name on Google. Good deal, right? Well, maybe not.

I mean what are the odds that readers will come across my books by typing in the exact names of my books. Most readers don’t know me from Adam. The idea is to get my name associated with key SEO words for my genre. So that readers find me. That, is the rub.

What I would like to own is Google mind share for key words that describe the genre I write in:  Space Opera, SF, Science Fiction. If you Google Space Opera, you will not find my name or any of my books, which are all Space Opera. The same goes for SF or Science Fiction. I have absolutely no Google mind share in the genre I write. This, I believe is a fairly accurate representation of fame within one’s genre.

How can I change that? Not possible, in and of myself. I believe that if I were to blog a bunch of posts with titles like Space Opera and Starstrikers, I can achieve some modicum of success, but ultimately, it will come when others are talking about my books and mention those key words.

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