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WIP Update

Thanks to my HP Mini netbook, I’ve been writing during my lunch hour at work. I can’t be on the corporate WiFi, because I’m a contractor, but I can work just fine off-line in Ubuntu and OpenOffice. I then just sync up later at home with Dropbox.

I have pushed through the wall that was Chapter 12 and completed it, Chapter 13 and 14. Now I stand before another wall – the outline. I have to reassess my outline and work out what I need to have happen in the next few chapters. This is generally how I write a novel. I work out the big scenes needed to move the story along – three acts, eight scenes and Hero’s Journey stuff, and then every three chapters as I’m writing, I make bullet points under each chapter indicating actions that need to be written.

When I get to the midway point, about where I am now, I have a whole story overview and make sure I’m still on track. Sometimes I realize along the way that the outline is wrong and needs adjusting. This is one of those times. So this weekend I will be brainstorming the outline and working out the action of the next few chapters.

The good news is that this novel has been really fun to write so far and I think it will be a hoot to read.

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