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Writing Update

Not much writing this week so far. Did a thousand words on teh WIP Saturday morning, but mostly I’m tweaking the outline and making it submit to the new dual themes of “revenge” and “alliances”. This novel chronicles the events that lead to the creation of the Western Alliance and the start of the Great War between the Alliance and the Votainion Empire.

It was important to define how the war started in more shades than the simple black and white of an attack. So I spent some time figuring out the reasons the Votainions came into Federation space and started attacking. Once I had that figured out I could better determine the fate of my villain and my hero.

I’ve also been spending some time back tracking through what I have already written and making sure my hero is staying on character. It’s not a great time for her. She’s losing friends, gaining enemies and making uneasy alliances. She’s not really smiling or having a good time like she does in some of the Ranger short stories I’ve written. In this book we find out why she became a Ranger, that she was once married and what she might do with her life after this novel.

I continue to work on the KIV-3 starship model while watching TV sports or just hanging with the family. Working on a model actually does help the creative juices flow and gets me thinking about my story. So it’s not wasted time not spent on writing.

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