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Tron Legacy

We saw Tron Legacy in 3D and in IMAX. It gave me a headache and was too loud. Same as with Avatar. The story was predictable and the action scenes were typical for such effects laden films. The production design was cold and heartless, like THX1138 or 2001 A Space Odyssey. There were elements of the original mixed in with Star Wars and any number of other such pictures.

The music was nostalgic for me. It sounded like an eighties computer generated, throbbing beat that never really changed over to real music. I kind of liked it and I also kind of found it annoying.

The best performance by a long shot was Michael Sheen as Castor/Zuse. His David Bowie infused performance was awesome, but in the end, as unfulfilled as the rest of the film. For a moment there, I thought the film was going to go in a completely different direction and be totally cool. And then his character died and bland, film making was restored.

My kids liked the movie, but their needs are less sophisticated than mine. It just seemed flat and boring to me. I would not have gone to see this film had the kids not wanted to see it. The only saving grace was the Cars 2 trailer before the movie started. Now that I want to see.

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  1. Hi son,

    Your second sentence is exactly what your Dad and I said after leaving Star Wars the first time with you and your brother:):) In Winter Park, Florida all of those years ago:):)

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