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This Friday is Buy Tyrmia Day

Going to be reminding folks all this week to wait until this Friday to by Tyrmia on their Kindles. The reason is so that we can boost the sales ranking enough to get the book on some best seller lists. Once your book gets on these lists, more people see it and it therefore sells more.

Starstrikers is doing quite well this month and I’d love to see that one up on the lists too, but the focus this Friday is on Tyrmia. Remember that you can gift an Amazon Kindle books and you can read them on a variety of devices without even owning a Kindle.

Tyrmia on Kindle.

2 thoughts on “This Friday is Buy Tyrmia Day”

  1. Many thanks Val! ;-) Oh, and if anyone out there has not read Val’s SF/Romance e-book – Blade’s Edge? Go get that on Friday too! I’m reading it now and loving it.

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