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Tyrmia Cover Art Latest

Today I got another draft of the Tyrmia cover from Jeremy Wynn, my cover artist. This one incorporates the changes we agreed on after studying the first draft. Some of those changes included removing the eyebrow, completing the eye by adding the pupil color and reflections of jungle trees and sunlight. The only change we are still working out is the reflection of the heroin in the other side of the iris. This is proving to be the most difficult effect to reproduce. Jeremy is going to take another crack at it and send me some samples later.

For now, this is how the cover art looks. We swapped it to the right side in order to distance ourselves from Avatar and actually, we think he looks more bad ass on the right.  Overall, I’m loving where this is going. I think it looks more masculine and more aggressive. Which is good, because it’s supposed to be a Tyrmian male. What do you think?

Here’s what it looks like with the right font. The actual font detail will be more elaborate.


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