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Becoming an Indie Author

I’ve been doing my own thing as far as publishing my fiction for a couple of years now and if I could have had this book to guide me, the road would have been a bit less bumpy. I purchased Becoming An Indie Author Sunday and I’m darn near finished with it come Sunday night. I had to take some time out to write this post so that other Indie Authors will get the chance to learn from Zoe Winters like I wish I could have.

To be sure this book is not just for beginners. I’m a somewhat jaded old hand at the do-it-yourself publishing thing and even I have found this book invaluable. If you think you have what it takes to roll your own writing career, then start with this book. Ms. Winters tells you what worked for her and how you can avoid many of the pitfalls associated with being a Indie Author. It’s smart, no-nonsense approach will have you pumped up and ready to try your hand at the fastest growing segment of publishing today.

What are you waiting for, order it now for Kindle and start taking things into your own hands, with the help of a true pioneer in the field.

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