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Tyrmia Copy Edits Complete

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Right on schedule, I have finished the copy edits for Tyrmia. Now to print it out and start proofing. Hopefully I can find a copy shop open on Sunday, because today we are all about Football. The final game, followed by the end of the season party and then tonight, BSU football on TV.

The final stats for Tyrmia are as follows: 101,378 words, 364 pages in manuscript format and it took me about a year and a half to complete. In fact darn near two years from outline to final proof. This is the longest novel I’ve written to date and my third novel. I took about a two month break in the middle of it for personal reasons and that turned out to be not such a smart thing to do. It set me back creatively and it shot my one book a year goal.

However, this novel has been drafted more times (four) and looked at by nearly a dozen alpha and beta readers than any other novel. By the time it hits print, some time next Spring, it will have been the most scrutinized novel I’ve ever written. The e-book version is still on schedule for a late November early December launch. Followed by the print version early next year.

I’d like to thank all the folks who have had a hand helping this book along its journey from a short story to a full novel. It’s been a long, rewarding trip.

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